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Dan was born in Latvia in 1984.
He grew up in Riga to the shore of the Baltic sea and lived there until he was 5, when he moved to Haifa in Israel to the shore of the Mediterranean sea. His favorite in water activity as a child has always been to pass a distance as great as possible underwater on a single breath.

Dan participated in many different sports since he was young including: Athletics, Hockey, Street Skating, Cycling and Shaulin Kung Fu.

In 2004 he moved to Eilat to the shore of the Red sea and rediscovered his breath holding abilities and his passion for freediving. He stayed in Eilat and began teaching freediving fulltime in 2006.

Dan has graduated with honours from the AIDA International Freediving Instructor

course, in which he was tutored by 3 world class athletes and champions: Lotta Ericson (Sweden), Linda Paganeli (Italy) and Jean-Pol Francois (Belgium).

In 2007 he bacame an AIDA Master Instructor and began teaching the AIDA 4 star (deep diving speciality) Course.

Dan has taken part in the famous Triple Depth staff. He Specializes in safety diving and Monofin freediving techniques and has also been certified as an AIDA International judge.

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