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Yonatan was born in Jerusalem in 1977.
He moved to Thailand with his parents when he was 10 months old and grew up in the little town Songkle, at the bay of Thailand. At the age of 5 Yonatan traveled back to Israel with his parents. His favorite activity has always been being in the water, and he excelled in swimming as early as at the age of 2.

Yonatan participated in many different sports since he was young including: swimming, water polo, snowboarding, karate, krav maga and rally racing.

He has discovered the sport of freediving in 1998, during which he has participated in his first freediving course. Yonatan has fallen in love with his new occupation and participated in an advanced freediving course in 2003 in Thailand.

Yonatan continued training and improving his freediving skills until he has joined and and excelled in an AIDA 4 star course with Dan Zalgaler in 2007. Yonatan is also an APNEA Trainer and an AIDA instructor's assistant.

Yonatan has taken part in the famous Triple Depth staff. He Specializes in unassisted freediving and safety diving and has also been certified as an AIDA International judge.

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